Wednesday, 15 September 2010

KidKraft Childrens Play Kitchen Toys

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Play Kitchen
KidKraft Big And Bright Play Kitchen
Play Kitchen Toys
Our KidKraft Childrens wooden play kitchen toys are always very popular all through the year and especially at Christmas and make great toys that children will remember a life time

Our Range includes the KidKraft Redretro Kitchen and a new version the KidKraft white retro kitchen will be available in the run up to Christmas along with the KidKraft Big and Bright kitchen, so if your looking for a retro kitchen or an ultra bright model we will have it covered.

Some of our other KidKraft Kitchen toys including the Boys blue play kitchen are proving to be very popular and this version is also available in pink for girls, these great kitchens are neat and compacted but still boast a great range of features including a microwave, cooker, stove and sink, both come with salt and pepper shakers and a couple of cooking utensils to make them even more special.

The KidKraft large kitchen and the KidKraft Pink retro kitchen and fridge are amongst some of our favourites, if you have the space available, children's large kitchen is one of the biggest that we know of and the Pink Retro and Fridge with to separate units lets you have a large kitchen in a small room because you can move the fridge or cooker to place where space is available

If your looking to accessorise your Childrens play kitchen have a look at the range of Kitchen toys and pretend wooden toy food these all ass an extra dimension to pretend play time and make play kitchens even more fun. Our Great range includes the new childrens pink tea set ( Kidkraft Prairie Tea Set) the Childrens pink toy kettle ( KidKraft Prairie Ketttle) and the huge Kidkraft plastic play food set which is immense value for money.

If your looking for other childrens play kitchen toy accessories have a look at our toy pans which are available in Pink red or blue to match just about any play kitchen that's on the market, or have a look at our play food range which includes mixed sets, sandwich sets and even cookies

All of our Kidkraft kitchen toys are built to last and provide many hours of fun educational play time and children should remember them for a lifetime not just Christmas

See some of our Great Childrens KidKraft play kitchen toys below

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Top Wooden Toys For Christmas 2010

Well it's almost that time of year again and we always predict what our top selling toys will be for Christmas for boys girls and toddlers.
This year is more difficult than ever before due to the huge growth in wooden train set toys and some great new toys like pirate ships and the new Kidkraft everyday heros play set which is like a dollhouse for boys
So based on last year, customers questions and orders here are our predictions for Christmas 2010.
As always we recommend buying early to avoid disappointment and over inflated prices from some companies (Not ours) who like to charge a huge amount for the few they have left when everywhere runs out.

Top selling toys Christmas 2010 Top 11 ( We could not decide on the last one)

(1) The KidKraft Ride Around Town / Water fall mountain Wooden Train Set And Table
(2) The KidKraft Savannah Wooden Dollhouse
(3) The KidKraft Everyday Heroes Boys Play Set
(4) The KidKraft Glow in the Dark Space Wooden Train Set
(5) The KidKraft Red Retro and White Retro Play Kitchen
(6) The Kidkraft Wooden Toy Pirate Ship
(7) The KidKraft Boys Toy Garage
(8) The Red Pink And Blue Toy Pan Sets
( 9) The KidKraft Grand Gourmet Kitchen
(10) Wooden Food Groups Play Toy Food
(11) The Kidkraft Wooden Toy Toddlers / Babies Bead Maze Cube

Winner The Top Selling Wooden Train Set And Table Set by Kidkraft

The KidKraft Grand Gourmet Kitchen

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Wooden Toddler Toys And Baby Toys

If your child is not old enough for some of our toys like wooden train set or play kitchens check out our new great range of KidKraft Baby and Toddler toys which will help them to develop and learn and improve eye to hand coordination skills.

This great range of Baby and Toddler toys includes wooden toy block, a zig zag ball run and an activity walker plus a fantastic bead maze cube which will keep them entertained for hours.