Friday, 27 May 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean Black Pearl Boys Toy Pirate Ship

Wooden Toy Pirate Ship

Young Ship mates will love the KidKraft Toy Pirate Ship, Its more fun than the Pirates Of The Caribbean Black Pearl Pirate ship with loads more features including cannons and Pirates. This Great Wooden Toy Pirate ship really is a Young boys dream due to the size and features and they are selling fast with the new release of Pirates of the Caribbean Strange Tides so Get one of these quick before the Pirates Set sale and Bag them all at it's one of our favourite wooden toys and boys toys

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Childrens Toys For Rich Famous Celebrity People

Have you ever wondered what children's toys rich and famous people buy ? well at we can give you a little bit of an insight on what these lucky people buy for there children the bonus side is all of these toys are available to everyone and they don't cost the earth.

Over the past few years we have supplied comedians, pop stars and premier league footballers with some of our amazing toys unfortunately we can't name names as we value all our customers right to privacy.

Our 1st sale to a Celebrity couple was the KidKraft RedRetro Kitchen back in 2009 although we got very excited about supplying this great toy to them we never got the chance to speak to them in person " I guess they are lucky enough to have people do the shopping for them once they have seen what they like"

The Second sale followed soon after, we presume they must know each other as they both played the same league and they purchased multiple items for there 2 boys which included the classic Kidkraft 17481 toy garage and train set. When we saw the name on the invoice we had to look twice but the delivery address gave the game away once we googled it.

It was no surprise when we sold a Savannah dollhouse to a UK pop star who was an absolute delight to deal with, she paid allot extra to have it assembled and delived ready for her daughters birthday at very short notice but she also took timeout to call us afterwards to express her gratitude for sorting all out for her.

So see some of the pictures below of some of the toys that we have supplied to the children of the rich and famous, the bonus side is that all of these toys are available from for as little as £75.00 to £150.00 which shows you don't have to spend the earth to get that special toy that children Will remember for a lifetime

KidKraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Play Toy Kitchen 53139

Play Kitchen

The new Kidkraft Deluxe lets cook play toy kitchen 53139 is one of our top selling kitchen for boys at the moment. Its the same design as the KidKraft 53181 and 53100 models just pimped a little bit for boys. Boys kitchen are sometimes hard to find for some reason most companies only target them at girls but from our experience boys love to play with them just as much and they often end up being shared with sisters so if your looking for a childrens play toy kitchen that is suitable for both boys and girls visit our store today to view the huge range of Kidkraft kitchen toys and toy food.

KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse 65093

KidKaft Amelia Dollhouse 65093

On of the newest girls dollhouses to date is the Kidkraft Amelia dollhouse 65093 demand has been huge with some people waiting months to get hold of one. This great dollhouse features the new gliding elevator so it's perfect for Barbie dolls and it comes with 14 pieces of dollhouse furniture included int he price.

KidKraft 53222 Country Play-Kitchen

KidKraft Country Play Kitchen 53222

Our new Kidkraft 53222 country play kitchen has been a smash hit since its release 2 weeks ago. Girls will love this funky play kitchen with all its features and classic design. we also have many other items which will suit this kitchen including some of our most popular kitchen toys likes kettles toasters and pans,

Watch the KidKraft Country Kitchen 53222 video below it is a girls dream kitchen