Monday, 30 December 2013

Children's Wooden Table And Chair Sets Furniture

Providing kids with suitable children's wooden table and chair set is so difficult for parents with so many on the market, different designs, sizes and themes and quality of course.

We have looked around for hours to looking at these factors and have come up with a range to suite just about everyone we think.  we have a range of kids table and chairs in different themes and designs sizes and even shapes for both boys and girls and toddlers. Our favourite ones are the Teamson Kids Transport series table and chair sets the Guidecraft Girls princess table and chair set and our own children's table with storage which is a two in one unit design where it's a table and a toy box in one which makes it awesome value and saves space to with it's great to in one design,  these great pieces of Children's furniture save people money and space especially if you live in a smaller house or have small bedrooms play rooms or nursery's,  what makes them even more special is the range of colours that they come in to suit bother genders so they are great for boys or girls in the blue or pink designs and we even have a gender neutral one if you have a boy and a girl

We also have a range of Children's wooden desks in pink a blue where you can add a single chair or more chairs if required and with the high gloss finish they look bright and vibrant in any room.

Most of our children's furniture items are designed for ages 3 to 8 year old but with the differing rates that children grow or children's grown spurts it's always tricky to decide how long they will last or if they are suitable.  We always try to include as much information as possible on our items with seat heights, table heights so it gives you the ability to decide how long these children's furniture items will last.

We think Children's wooden table and chairs are so much better than plastic versions due to the strength and basically just what alot of kids are like,  Plastic children's furniture often gets broken easily or degrades over time even with exposure to sunlight or kids have a habit of having as much fun as possible and jump or climb on them and due to the nature of the designs and strange accidents can easily happen if they just break without notice, which is why we always advise to go for a quality wooden piece of children's furniture as they are safer and will last for the entire childhood and they are the ideal place for doing homework, crafting or just having lots and lots of fun.

We have a great range of Quality children's wooden table and chair sets form a host of Manufacturers like Teamson kids, KidKraft, Guidecraft, Liberty house, Millhouse and many more so we are sure you will find that special piece suitable for you child quickly and easily in our web store
Princess Children's Wooden Table And Chair Set
A magical piece of children's wooden furniture for girls in pink

Children's Wooden Desk
Available in a range of colours for both boys and girls ideal for bedrooms

Children's Wooden Table And Chair Set By Teamson
Teamson magic garden wodoen table and chairs set is one of our best selling pieces of kids furniture

Teamson Children's Table And Chair Set Princess
Little girls just love this wooden piece of children's funrniture
Teamson Transport Quality Children's Table And Chair Set
it's ideal for boys and looks great in playrooms or bedrooms
Children's Table And Chair Set With Storage
A great piece of children's furiture 2 in one design Childrens table with toy storage

Watch a Children's wooden table and chair set video below
KidKraft heart table

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Children's Play Kitchen Toy Kitchen Teamson KidKraft Plum

Children's Wooden Pretend Play Kitchen Toy Kitchen Toys Are So Much Fun / Review

Children's faces are a picture of excitement when they receive one of our play kitchen toys so we would advise you keep the camera handy to capture the special moment when your child first receive one.  All of our Toy Kitchens are deigned to provide as many features as possible and to be just like the real thing. All of our Play Kitchen  and toy kitchens feature a tap, sink, oven and hob as standard, other versions included microwave, ice dispenser and refrigerator and if you want one that is even extra special have a look at our KidKraft, Teamson kids, John Crane / Tidlo or Plum range or view The KidKraft grand gourmet corner kitchen which also includes a washing machine and curtains to make it one of the largest

Why Choose A KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchen Or Teamson Kids Toy Kitchen ?
At wooden toys direct this is the easiest question of all to answer basically due to the amount of play kitchen toys that we sell and the quality and back up service that we receive and can offer to you which is why so many people come back for another KidKraft Teamosn Or John Crane country kitchen.   Leading nursery groups keep buying these brand of products due to the strength of the products with its strong wooden design, bright colours and features which keeps kids entertained for hours, we have a great range of play kitchen in pink and bue suitable for both boys and girls.

All  of our play kitchen toys conform to EN71 toy safety standards and designed to last for years. At know that kids can be very demanding and often brutal with toys but these products are all designed to exact standards and quality, unlike a lot of play kitchen toys which are often plastic, all of the parts on our toy kitchen units are replaceable even after years of use or if the product is discontinued parts are still obtainable.

This is one of the big differences between this type of  product and a plastic play kitchen which can be more expensive.  Our Kids Kitchen suppliers have been In Business for years and have to meet some of the toughest toy standards in the world over in the USA which makes these toy stronger and safer than most others.
Plastic toys are often injected moulded plastic and produced in one great big piece so if a piece breaks, damaged or defaced often the entire toy is ruined normally because the full kitchen needs to be replaced or the parts are not available.  Weight can be another factor to consider most plastic kitchen are lightweight and could be easily pulled over but with wooden Play kitchen toys they weigh a lot more and as a result are more stable, sturdy and difficult to pull over or almost impossible when attached to the wall with a simple fixing.
So as a general rule remember all KidKraft Teamson Kids Plum and John Crane Tidlo  Play Kitchen are made of wood, hand crafted, hand painted, parts are replaceable and they all meet EN71 toy safety standards.

How To Choose a Play Kitchen For Your Child.

It is tricky one, all of our play kitchen toys are designed to be suitable from ages 3 plus years mainly due to the size of them and so children get the best possible use from it.  We always recomend you take a note of the measurements and see how much space you have available and where it will be placed in the home.  Some of our wooden play kitchen toys are a lot bigger than they look but if you have enough room and the space you have available is enough its basically down to personal choice, colour and the number of features that you want.

KidKraft Kitchen toys are available in a wide range of colours and designs for both boys and girls and the etire range is made of wood top selling items include the KidKraft Pink Vintage 53179 kitchen, KidKraft Grand Gourmet corner kitchen, and the KidKraft Expresso kitchen all of these are designed to last and will inspire children's creative mind, they are awesome wooden toys.

The Plum children's role play kitchen range offer a wide change of  choice and designs to fit any budget popular models include the Plum Terrace Kitchen Cabin Kitchen and the girls pink kitchen

John crane Tidlo have the awesome top sell John Crane Tidlo Country Play kitchen in a pastel blue colour, it has a classic cottage theme and it's popular with both boys and girls.

Teamson kids have a wimsical theme play kitchen and a range of Teamson kids role play kitchen and retro style toy kitchens in the USA these are always popular with parent's and kids due to the huge range sizes and designs in Neutral blue and pink colours which are both fun and educational wooden toys that that kids love.

Guidecraft USA play kitchens are now also available in the UK form us they  also have a high range of quality wooden toys and role play kitchens for kids including the Guidecraft Hideaway space saving folding kitchen which can be stored out of sight when not in use.

Remember at we have a great range of play kitchen toys that will amaze children and parents and a wide range of toy kitchen toys from a range of quality manufactures suitable for any child in a range of ages fun design's and colour for both boys and girls, they are great educational toys for children.
Children's Play Kitchen
John Crane Tidlo Country kitchen is ideal for both boys and girls

KidKraft Play Kitchen

Teamson Kids Play Kitchen

Wooden Play Kitchen

Wooden Toy Kitchen
Wooden Play Kitchen
Plum Wodoen Terrace Childrens Role Play Kitchen For Kids
Kids Role Play Kitchen
Guidecraft Hideaway Wooden Role Play Kitchen is awesome fun and can be stored away
Kids Wooden Toy Kitchen
Are fun educational wooden toys that kids and parent's have hours of fun with

KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchen


Monday, 23 December 2013

Quality Wooden Dolls House Teamson KidKraft

Quality Wooden Dolls House  KidKraft Teamson Kids - Wooden Toys Direct
A very good quality wooden dolls house is difficult to find these days with so many cheap plastic versions available. brings back the the often forgotten values of creative learning and fun role play time that will fuel the imaginations of kids with the great range of beautifully crafted toys.  A KidKraft  or Teamson quality wooden dolls house is perfect for modern day play time and most of these great dolls house are suitable for dolls like Barbie.  Shop online today or give us a call on 01246 810059 and one of our advisers will be happy to advise or answer any questions that you might have.
A Quality Wooden Dolls House Is A Perfect Gift For Children
If you are looking for the perfect present for your child, why not choose a quality wooden dolls house  from an established and well respected wooden toy supplier?  All of our products an our website have been crafted with excellence so you will be able to pass them down onto or generations or share with the whole family.  You will find a vast collection of wooden toys, children's furniture and dollshouses for boys and girls including bookcases, activity play tables, wooden play kitchens, play food, wooden train sets, toy garage, and lots more.
Carving Childhood Dreams Into Reality Which Children Will Remember For Years
A good quality wooden dolls house like the KidKraft Savannah Dream Mansion or The Teamson Dollhouse range like the New York and London Mansion Dollhouses from wooden toys direct can create a fantasical pretend dream world for kids. Cultivate their creativity and imaginations and give them confidence to interact through the tried and teasted art of role play.
Whether your child would love a modern dolls house, a traditional cottage, or a dream mansion, you can find the perfect item online.  Wooden Toys Direct can offer you a swift delivery of your purchase and you can order by phone or over the internet on the secure site.  If you order a Quality wooden dolls house made by Kidkraft or Teamson you will also get a range of dolls-house furniture included in the price.  Kidkraft offers outstanding value for money and allproducts adhere to the EN71 toy safety standards for great piece of mind for parents who want to make sure they are purchasing safe toys for children.

See our great range of Kidkraft  and Teamson dollhouse below

Teamson Kids Quality Wooden Dolls House

Teamson Kids Quality Wooden Dolls House NewYork Mansion

Teamson Kids Quality Woodne Dolls House Magical Garden

KidKraft Savannah Quality Wooden Dolls House

KidKraft Dream Mansion Quality Wooden Dolls House

KidKraft So Chic Quality Wooden Dolls House


Teamson Kids Children's Table And Chair Sets Dollhouses Toddler Beds Play Kitchen

For years Teamson has paved the way as a pioneer in children's wooden toys and children's furniture, As with all their products, Teamson kids brings to life imaginative play in their fabulous play kitchens, dollhouses and interactive role play toys. The  adorable wooden play kitchen and dollhouses are perfect for all little ones who love copying mum and dad. Teamson kids creations will keep your children cooking and entertained for hours.
We have some fabulous new kitchens and dollhouses for Christmas 2013 at and our new wooden toy kitchen's are decorated in either gorgeous pinks or bright primary colours for both boys and girls. Both include doors that open and close, oven knobs that click, a removable sink and a clock with moving hands. Even the cute little toy microwave looks just like mums real one. These great toy kitchens also come with a salt and pepper shaker, a mixing spoon and a spatula to equip young chefs with everything they need. Teamson Kids ever popular retro kitchens feature stylish designs that will remind parents of their own childhoods. These eye catching children's kitchens will even make mom and dad jealous! . Young girls will jump for joy when they see the Teamson New York Mansion dollhouse and London Dollhouses .
This state of the art dollhouse  which are ideal for Barbie comes with 11 pieces of beautiful furniture, perfect for any fashion doll. Embellished artwork and bright colours make this any girls dream house. With a hip, modern feel that all little ladies are sure to love the Teamson dollhouse even features 2 curved staircases and the latest in designer must haves.. The gorgeous Teamson toddler beds make the move from a cot to an actual bed exciting for any young child. and the Teamson kids Children's Table And Chairs Set is the ideal place for homework, games, or arts and crafts. and this fun furniture would look great in any kid's room
Also look out for the very original sling bookshelf which is a best seller all around the world. And lets not forget about all the little boys, Teamson kids have some outstanding has some exciting, ground-breaking new toys for them too! Which will keep kids entertained for hours at a time.
These new stimulating wooden sets give kids so many options they'll never run out of new ways to play. Playing with Teamson dollhouses, Play kitchens will take children to a wonderful world of fantasy. All these exciting features and Teamson's outstanding design and detailed artwork have made Teamson Kids the recipient of prestigious awards many times over!
kids, Parent boys and girls just love us to be and come back time and time again for awesome wooden toys and children's furniture items all hand painted and hand carved by skilled craftsman and women.

Teamson Kids Children's Table And Chair Set
Teamson Kids Children's Table And Chair Set Butterfly

Teamson Kids Dinosuar Children's Table And Chair Set

Teamson Kids Children's Table And Chair Set Magic Garden

Teamson Kids Toddler Bed Dinosaur

Teamson Kids Toddler Beds

Teamson Kids New york Dollhouse

Teamson Kids Dollhouse

Teamson Kids Play Kitchen

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Children's Teamson Wooden Toy Boxes And Bookcases

Children's toy storage and bookcases by Teamson are awesome pieces of children's wooden furniture and they will make the perfect addition to any boys or girls bedroom, nursery or playroom.

The Teamson bookcases come in a wide range of designs and themes and we love the Teamson Transport and dinosaur bookcase for boys and the magic garden bookcase for girls.  All these great kids bookcases are hand painted and hand crafted by skilled craftsman and provide lots of storage for books and children's toys at an easy to reach height designed just for kids, they will also inspire any child's creative mind and make and room look magical and fun.

The Teamson Wooden Toy box chest range again are all hand painted and hand carved pieces of children's furniture all with special themes to suit any themed bedroom or play room and when people see these amazing items they just want more, are most Teamson Transport toy box, Crackle toy chest and the Safari and Princess frog wooden toy box which are ideal for both boys and girls and make tidying up all those wooden toys fun.

If your looking for any other Children's / kids furniture items like table and chairs bookcases toy boxes vanity's view our range by Teamson Guidecraft Kidkraft and a whole host of other quality manufacturers.
Teamson Safari Toy Box

Teamson Transport Bookcase

Children's Teamson Magic Garden Bookcase

Teasmon Butterfly Wooden Toy Box Chest

Teamson Crackle Toy Box

Teamson Dinosaur Children's Wooden Toy Box

Teamson Princess And Frog Toy Box

See we told you the Children's Teamson Wooden toy box and bookcase range was awesome.

Children's Pretend Wooden Toy Shop / Market Stall Hape

Children just love to pretend and play with pretend toy shops and our Hape market stall /toy shop is just the ideal wooden toy shop that will provide any child with hours of fun Play time.
Our Market stall checkout  with it's stripy canopy, desk counter and under counter shelf is just amazing. In addition just to make it extra special it comes with the following included In the price, weighing scales, cash register, scanner, money and credit cards to complete the role play magic.

We think wooden toy shops are much more fun than play kitchens and we expect them to become more and more popular over the next few years,  and the range of accessories you can buy is just growing and growing with pretend to food, toy food packs and toy money.  or one quick tip from us is just to use your empty food packets like egg cartons jam jars etc it is a great way to add build up the collection have fun and save lots and lots of money.

Checkout our Children's pretend wooden toy shops, play kitchens at wooden toys direct today we are sure you will find that special item for your child to have fun and learn with and we will have a much bigger selection of children's wooden toys for boy boys and girls very soon so keep coming back for more.

Children's Pretend Toy Shop

Children's Pretend Wooden Toy Shops

Hape Boys Wooden Toy Rocket Space Ship Wooden Toys

We just love the Hape boys wooden toys and the wooden toy rocket / spaceship lets both boys and girls go into dream land.  it's so much fun and comes with a range of accessories that will create the ultimate playtime experience.

At wooden toys direct we have a great range of boys wooden toys girls wodden toys and children's furniture that kids and parents will just love.  But our favourite wooden toy of the day is the Hape Wooden Toy Rocket Spaceship Play Set we also love the Hape toy garages market stall and the the toy workbench but we can only have one favourite wooden toy of the day

Hape Wooden Toy Rocket Spaceship Playset

Wooden Toy Rocket Spaceship

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Guidecraft Children's Furnture Table And Chair Sets Bookcases Toy Kitchens

We just love the Guidecraft children's furniture range and toy kitchens,  All of these great quality items are available from us in the UK.

The great Guidecraft range includes themed children's furniture, table and chair sets, Wooden toy boxes, and a range of bookcase slings,  all of these great items help kids learn and develop and store items safely. The range includes themed furniture for boys and girls including the Guidecraft Transport and butterfly collection or our personal favourite is the Guidecraft Princess collection which includes table and chairs, bookcase slings and many more great items just for kids,

The Guidecraft Children's Play Kitchen / Toy kitchen range is one of the best around and they have it covered for both boys and girls with the wide range of colours and designs to suit both genders, or if space is tight checkout the great design on the Guidecraft hideaway country kitchen which can be stored out of sight eg under the bed when not in use.

Or if this is not enough for you Guidecraft also produce a fantastic range of Children's Easels in both freestanding and table top designs so those little creative minds can truly run wild and create master pieces to impress mum and dad and memories that parents can cherish for years,  The Guidecraft Floor standing easel and the table top easel's are ideal for children of all sizes, they are very poplular bulk buys for nurserys and playschools due to the solid wooden construction that will last for years. 

So view the great wooden toys and children's furniture range by Guidecraft in the UK in our webstore  where you will find deals and sale prices 365 days a year and make your child's dreams come true with a magical piece of themed children's furniture or a fantastic wooden toy kitchen, Ourselves and Guidecraft UK are awesome.

Guidecraft Hideaway Kitchen

Guidecraft Children's Easel

Guidecraft Princess Bookcase

Guidecraft Art Table Easel

Guidecraft Girls Princess Table And Chairs

Childrens Wooden Play Kitchen Toy Kitchen John Crane Tidlo Country Kitchen

Children's wooden toy kitchens are just so much fun, we just love the John Crane Tidlo Country Kitchen as much as mums and dads do,  This awesome wooden play kitchen was so popular this year that they flew out of the door quicker then we could get hold of them and it was our no1 selling children's role play kitchen this year even out selling our great KidKraft range.

This great wooden toy will keep kids amused for hour on end and as well as being fun it is also a fantastic educational toy which will last for years, it is also a great at helping kids learn and develop with eye to hand coordination and social interaction skills,

We expect more of these great play kitchen toys to be back in early January so get your orders in soon as we have a waiting list already along with a whole host of other wooden toys.

Or if you want to check out our great range of wooden toy kitchens from a range of manufactures including Guidecraft, Pintoy, Hape, Teamson and more visit soon you will not be disappointed

John Crane Tidlo Country Kitchen

Teamson Children's Furniture Table And Chairs Sets Wooden Toys Boxes Dollhouses UK

We have a great range of  children's wooden toys and kids furniture by Teamson Hape Kidkraft and more at we are sure you will find some great items.
We just love the Teamson magic garden table and chair sets and the children's furniture range, boys will jump for joy with the Teamson transport series table and chairs and the Teamson transport toy boxes they are great pieces of furniture that will inspire any child mind and make any room look awesome.

If you loooking for something just that extra special for girls check out the Teamson dollhouse range that come complete with a range of dollhouse furniture included in the price which makes them outstanding value for money just like the Kidkraft dollhouse range but these all come with open and close front's just like a traditional dollhouse but these are meant to be played with.

The kids Teamson children's furniture range including Children's table and chair sets, children's bookcases toy boxes and lots more are hand painted and hand carved by skilled craftsman and will look ace in any child's bedroom playroom or nurseys.

Toddlers just love the range of wooden toys from Teamson like rocking horses in themed designs like the Dinosaurs rocker and the traditional rocking horse, again they are amazing quality and value when compared to cheap plastic toys.

If you view our great range of children's furniture & wooden toys will be just what your looking for  to make that room or that little persons day just that little bit more special and all of our wooden toys are safe and will last for years, all of our items are designed so kids have fun, they are all educational toys that enhance any child's learning and development and they make perfect gifts for any child's Birthday or Christmas

As always at all our items are on special offer sale prices 365 days a year and we are based in the UK so you can all you items extra quick the no extra tax or duties unlike some sellers. are range is just awesome and will get so much bigger very soon.

Teasmon Magical Garden Children's Table And Chair Set

Teamson Dollhouse

Teamson Children's Furniture UK

Teamson Wooden Toy Box Princess And Frog

Teamson Children's Furniture And Toys UK