Friday, 28 February 2014

Plum Wooden Kitchen Toy / Role Play Kitchen For Children

The ever popular range of Plum wooden kitchen toys are ideal and fun educational toys for both boys and girls,  They have a great Range to suit all tastes in blue pink and white so they have it covered if you have a boy or girl or one of each,  These high quality children's play kitchen toys will provide many hours of fun educational play time and improve and help you child's eye to hand coordination skills and social interaction with there friends.
The plum play kitchen range compromises of the white Plum Cabin wooden kitchen, which is a great compact kitchen with pink details that little girls will just love to play with and have hour of fun to.
The Plum oxford wooden kitchen is a smash hit for both boys and girls it's a great minimalist classic play kitchen with a clock but it still has all the features and lots of storage for pretend toy food and pans.
The Plum Padstow kitchen is one of our favourite toy kitchens for girls in it's classic pink colour and vintage style, it is packed full of features and one of the best role play toys for girl who will just go mad creating pretend meal for mum and dad or cooking up feasts for there friends.
if these play kitchen toys are not enough we have more with the Plum Hendon Wooden kitchen which s in a great fun blue design so it's ideal for boys, and again it's action packed full of features to keep any young chef entertained and ready to impress anyone with there cooking skills.  Good quality play kitchens for boys are hard to come by but a we have a great range fo play kitchens for both boys and girls. 
The Plum Terrace kitchen is one of the most popular toy kitchens for children around due to it's red classic retro / vintage design, it's ideal if you want a large play kitchen that is suitable for both and girls that has lots of features and storage for all those toy pans, wooden toys and pretend play food.

With these great educational toys kids will have hours of good old role play fun and provide parents with a toy that children will play with for years and remember for years to come.

If you still cant find a play kitchen to suit you needs or are looking for one with a toy washing machine, microwave checkout our other Wooden children's kitchen toys by Temson, Hape, Janod and KidKraft all available from our base in the UK at discounted sale prices 365 days a year.
Plum Cabin Wooden Kitchen
Plum Hendon Wooden Kitchen
Plum Oxford Wooden Kitchen
Plum Padstow Kitchen
Plum Terrace Kitchen


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Children's Table And Chairs Set

Children's table and chairs now come in a range of sizes, designs and materials and prices to suit most homes d├ęcor or childen's themed bedrooms.
The choice can often be baffling when trying to chose the correct children's table and chair set for you child so we will try to help you decide from our great range of children's furniture items at
Our personal favourites are the Teamson children's table and chairs which are available in a range of fun themes for both boys and girls,  These great pieces of children's wooden furniture will last for years and they are all hand painted and hand carved by skilled craftsmen,  We have dinosaur and transport themed furniture for boys and the magic garden butterfly and princess themed furniture for girls.  Or  checkout the great Teamson Sunny Safari furniture range which Is suitable for both boys and girls bedrooms.
If your looking to mix and match children's chairs or children's tables view our awesome range by Guidecraft and Kidkraft including the Avalon range,  We think mixing and matching children's furniture is a great way to make sure you get the colours and designs to match your home and it's also ideal if you want a pink wooden chair for a girl or a magical blue wooden chair for a boy.

Our most popular lines are the Teamson kids and the Teamson fantasy fields range as they are amazing quality pieces of children's furniture which have a highly trusted reputation by parents across Europe,  it seems the reputation from the massive American market quickly spread so due to demand they are now available across Europe and even in Australia and it's no surprise to us at all with the amount of repeat orders that we receive for matching toy boxes coat stats clock and lots more.

If your looking for a cheap low price children's table and chairs set checkout our plastic range which come with two or 4 chairs included in the price to make them awesome vale for money, ritty much like a sale price 365 days a year.

We hope you find the right children's table and chair set to suit you child in our online store we have on of the best quality ranges around great prices and offer fast great service where you will just come back for more and all our items ship from our base in the uk kids and parents jut love us.

Children's Table And Chair Set
Children's table and chair set

Children's Table And Chairs
Children's Table and chairs

Children's Table With Storage
Children's table with storage

Children's Table
Children's Table

Children's Wooden Chair
Children's Wooden Chair

Children's Wooden Table And Chairs
Children's Wooden Table And Chairs

Teamson Children's Table And Chairs
Teamson Children's Table And Chairs

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Teamson Fantasy Fields Children's Furniture Play Kitchen Wooden Toys

Teamson have been designing children's furniture just for you for years and have now grown into the market leader in children's hand painted and hand carved children's furniture,  The huge range includes a range of themed pieces of furniture for boys and girls bedrooms playrooms or nurserys,  our best selling lines are the the Dinosaur transport series and the Sunny Safari range, you can now also choose a range of accessories to compliment the range which will make any child's bedroom even more special, these great fun items include clocks bookcase ends, lamps and lots more.

If your child is still young enough check out the range of Teamson toddler beds which again come in a magical fun theme to inspire your child's creative mind, we have a great range of toddler beds including the magic garden and dinosaur bed for boys.
If you child is getting to the age where they have out grown there range of toddler wooden toys and they are ready to advance and learn and have fun at the same time the new Teamson fantasy fields range which includes dollhouse, and play kitchens which help develop kids imaginations and improve eye to hand coordination at the same time.
These great fun toys let children have lots of fun while learning and are they are also fun educational toys which are stocked by leading nursery's
Teamson have 3 great range ranges in total due to the rapid growth of there product lines these are the
Teamson Kids range, Teamson Classic and the all new Teamson fantasy fields range.

A Brief History

The company was founded in 1997, a time when all the creativity and imagination started to take on an amazing transformation. 

By the year 2000 Teamson started making products for children. As the company grew we started adding all whole new dimension to our imagination.

In 2003, Teamson introduced the first hand painted children’s furniture collection, “ABC Alphabets”.

The following year in 2004 “The Convertible Rocking Potty” was created.  This product was truly an outstanding hit all around the world.  Its uniqueness was unbeatable.  The Rocking Potty transforms into a rocking chair after the potty training was mastered.

Our product got even better, in 2007 we added hand carving detail to our new collections, as this soared across the world with such a high demand, we was enticed to take it even one step further.  We entered the world of pretend play and started to market dollhouses and castles.

As our product became more and more desired, it drove us even more to continue providing what children want.  Our imagination play started to take on attractive real life flair in 2012.  This product was like no others.  We created a range of pretend Play kitchen toys including Faux-Granite counter-tops and the classic range to imitate some real life kitchen across the globe.

Kids love the Teamson Kitchen range the provide so many children's with days of fun and the great quality means they can be passed down to the next generation so they really are toys that children will remember for a life time

All these great children's wooden toys and children's furniture items will be available at

Monday, 24 February 2014

Teamson Sunny Safari Childrens Furniture Range Toy Box Bookcase And More

The Teamson Sunny Safari children's furniture range is ideal for any boys and girls bedrooms playroom or nursery's, and the range is huge so you can get what you want all in the same theme to make any room look outstanding.
All of these great children's furniture items are hand painted and hand carved by skilled crafts men and women which makes ever piece unique.
The Teamson Sunny Safari Range includes toy boxes, A large children's wardrobe, bookcase, chest of drawers and a range of small accessories including clocks and bookcase ends.
At wooden toys direct we believe that making a child's bedroom fun and exciting makes going to bed much more fun and stunning bright pieces of furniture inspire children's imaginations and minds.
The great Teamson Sunny Safari range is quality made piece of children's furniture that is built to last and make tidying up fun we are sure you will find just what you are looking for in this animal themed furniture children's furniture range.
Checkout the teamson children's furniture range today.
Teamson Sunny Safari Wardrobe
Teamson Sunny Safari Wardrobe

Teamson Sunny Safari Toy Box
Teamson Sunny Safari Toy Box

Teamson Sunny Safari Bookcase
Teamson Sunny Safari Bookcase

Teamson Sunny Safari Chair
Teamson Sunny Safari Chair

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Childrens Toy Storage Solutions Wooden Toy Box Chest Teamson KidKraft

Storing children's toys away can often be the biggest chore of the day in most homes and for mums who want to keep the house tidy after playtime.  In today's world storage space in homes and playrooms seems to get less by the day but kids get more and more toys all the time.
People hunt around for hours on the Internet trying to find that ideal storage solution for there home and needs that is practical, looks good and is large enough to store all those toys in one easy to use ans safe place for kids to access.
The range of storage solutions for toys and homes is huge with wooden ones plastic ones rotating ones and many more designs from a range of manufacturers.
So how do you choose the correct one to suit you and your child's needs well here we go !!

Size we think is the most important feature we thing large wooden toy boxes and chest are best they keep all those toys and kids items in one easy to reach place instead of going to multiple locations and emptying out every single container, draw or storage compartment looking for that one toy that your child has suddenly remembered after months of forgetting about it.  This way with a large toy box it saves time and messing around as you know that toy will be in that place and it avoids the hassle and tears that come with not being able to find you child's favourite toy.

Design and safety is always a big factor to consider as we believe it's a great idea that children can learn to tidy and clean up without supervision a it encourages responsibility with out the need for parents and one day they might tidy all there wooden toys away and surprise you, so we always recommend you find a toy box with a soft close safety hinge which is child proof and safe so little fingers don't get trapped or slammed shut. 
On the design side we think that making the toy box feel special as if its just made especially for your child is a great idea and it encourages them to use it as it's "made just for them" so we love the Teamson toy box and pirate chest range as they are great pieces of themed children's furniture that kids will just love,  Teamson kids have classic toy box designs for boys and girls from pink princess and magical garden themed ones for girls and Dinosaur Transport and series for boys,  as well as looking great and making toy tidying up fun for children they also make any playroom or bedroom look extra special and add an extra dimensions to children's themed bedrooms.
Another great alternative is a personalised toy box / chest with your child's name on it to make them feel extra special, some manufacturers like KidKraft personalise children's furniture with letters and graphics to amaze your child or you can just buy a large or small toy box form a range of suppliers and then stick on child's names and graphics are available cheaply on sites like eBay and Amazon so you are able to customise them to suit you or even add Disney princess or Micky mouse graphics or there favourite TV character to amaze them.

If you feel a wooden toy chest or toy box is not ideal for you have a look at free standing storage units that come with plastic or wooden bins and containers, these allow children and parents to easily see what and where an item is easily and any of the items contained can be moved easily in the removable storage containers,  The only down side to these is type of children's storage solutions is that the items are always on show and not hidden away so they can ruin a relaxing evening watching the TV with a glass of wine while your child is tucked away in one of our fun toddler beds.
Visit our web store to view or buy all out children's toy box chests and storage solutions which are ideal for bedrooms, playrooms and nursery's from a range of manufacturers like Teamson Kidkraft Liberty house toys and John crane we are sure you will find that children's toy solution of piece of children's furniture that will amaze your child and suit your home and storage needs.

Toy Box

Toy Chest

Children's Toy Storage Solutions

Toy Storage Solutions

Wooden Toy Box

Personalised Toy Box

Teamson Toy Box


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Educational Toys Childrens Wooden Play Kitchen Toys By Plum Teamson KidKraft

Educational toys play a huge part in children's educational development and learning skills and the best part is kids have lots of fun playing together and don't even realise that they are learning new skills at the same time,  This is one of the reasons why traditional wooden toys and children's role play kitchen toys and sets are so much popular,  as well as been great well made quality toys that can be passed down to the next generation of children in your family they also provide hours of fun for kids and parents when your child cooks you up a great pretend toy food meal that you will just love.

Plum play kitchen toys offer a great range of quality children's pretend play kitchen toys in a range of colours and designs in large and small sizes for both boys and girls,  the Plum Hendon play kitchen in blue is ideal for little boys to cook up a treat for mum and dad or there sister, with its compact space saving design it will fit in most playrooms or bedrooms but we generally find kids love to have them in the kitchen where they just love copying what mum and dad are doing.

The Plum padstow and cabin kitchens are great fun toy kitchens for girls and the Plum Cabin kitchen is one of our most popular play kitchen toys and great value for money for parents when times are tough but still want to buy a quality wooden kitchen for you child.  The Padstow kitchen is a little bit larger and it's a stunning pink role play kitchen for girls that nursery's and play groups just love.

Teamson play kitchen toy sets are a delight for children and the range of magical and children's retro toy kitchen themes will mean your spoilt or choice to pick a colour or design for your child.  The Teamson wooden play kitchen range offers kids an outstanding value for money quality wooden play kitchen and a magical playtime experience that kids will remember for a life time with these great classic wooden toys,  Teamson have pink play kitchens for girls neutral design's for boys and lots more,  All of these great play kitchens and wooden toy kitchens come with all the features kids love like a phone, microwave, cooker, stove and sometimes even a washing machine.

KidKraft kitchen toys offer a range suited to most children's. these children's toy kitchens offer kids a great playtimne experience and they have a range of designs and colours to suit most children and homes.

Visit our webstore to buy all our bestselling children's play kitchen toys and pretend toy food sets,  we have one of the largest ranges of kids pretend role play wooden kitchens for both boys and girls in a range of colours from pink to blue to amaze your child and there friends from all the top manufacturers like Teamson, Hape Plum and KidKraft.
Plum Cabin Play Kitchen
Plum Hendon Play Kitchen
Plum Padstow Pink Play Kitchen
Childrens Wooden Role Play Kitchen
Teamson Play Kitchen Set
Childrens Pretend Role Play Kitchen Toys