Sunday, 2 February 2014

Childrens Toy Storage Solutions Wooden Toy Box Chest Teamson KidKraft

Storing children's toys away can often be the biggest chore of the day in most homes and for mums who want to keep the house tidy after playtime.  In today's world storage space in homes and playrooms seems to get less by the day but kids get more and more toys all the time.
People hunt around for hours on the Internet trying to find that ideal storage solution for there home and needs that is practical, looks good and is large enough to store all those toys in one easy to use ans safe place for kids to access.
The range of storage solutions for toys and homes is huge with wooden ones plastic ones rotating ones and many more designs from a range of manufacturers.
So how do you choose the correct one to suit you and your child's needs well here we go !!

Size we think is the most important feature we thing large wooden toy boxes and chest are best they keep all those toys and kids items in one easy to reach place instead of going to multiple locations and emptying out every single container, draw or storage compartment looking for that one toy that your child has suddenly remembered after months of forgetting about it.  This way with a large toy box it saves time and messing around as you know that toy will be in that place and it avoids the hassle and tears that come with not being able to find you child's favourite toy.

Design and safety is always a big factor to consider as we believe it's a great idea that children can learn to tidy and clean up without supervision a it encourages responsibility with out the need for parents and one day they might tidy all there wooden toys away and surprise you, so we always recommend you find a toy box with a soft close safety hinge which is child proof and safe so little fingers don't get trapped or slammed shut. 
On the design side we think that making the toy box feel special as if its just made especially for your child is a great idea and it encourages them to use it as it's "made just for them" so we love the Teamson toy box and pirate chest range as they are great pieces of themed children's furniture that kids will just love,  Teamson kids have classic toy box designs for boys and girls from pink princess and magical garden themed ones for girls and Dinosaur Transport and series for boys,  as well as looking great and making toy tidying up fun for children they also make any playroom or bedroom look extra special and add an extra dimensions to children's themed bedrooms.
Another great alternative is a personalised toy box / chest with your child's name on it to make them feel extra special, some manufacturers like KidKraft personalise children's furniture with letters and graphics to amaze your child or you can just buy a large or small toy box form a range of suppliers and then stick on child's names and graphics are available cheaply on sites like eBay and Amazon so you are able to customise them to suit you or even add Disney princess or Micky mouse graphics or there favourite TV character to amaze them.

If you feel a wooden toy chest or toy box is not ideal for you have a look at free standing storage units that come with plastic or wooden bins and containers, these allow children and parents to easily see what and where an item is easily and any of the items contained can be moved easily in the removable storage containers,  The only down side to these is type of children's storage solutions is that the items are always on show and not hidden away so they can ruin a relaxing evening watching the TV with a glass of wine while your child is tucked away in one of our fun toddler beds.
Visit our web store to view or buy all out children's toy box chests and storage solutions which are ideal for bedrooms, playrooms and nursery's from a range of manufacturers like Teamson Kidkraft Liberty house toys and John crane we are sure you will find that children's toy solution of piece of children's furniture that will amaze your child and suit your home and storage needs.

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