Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Teamson Fantasy Fields Children's Furniture Play Kitchen Wooden Toys

Teamson have been designing children's furniture just for you for years and have now grown into the market leader in children's hand painted and hand carved children's furniture,  The huge range includes a range of themed pieces of furniture for boys and girls bedrooms playrooms or nurserys,  our best selling lines are the the Dinosaur transport series and the Sunny Safari range, you can now also choose a range of accessories to compliment the range which will make any child's bedroom even more special, these great fun items include clocks bookcase ends, lamps and lots more.

If your child is still young enough check out the range of Teamson toddler beds which again come in a magical fun theme to inspire your child's creative mind, we have a great range of toddler beds including the magic garden and dinosaur bed for boys.
If you child is getting to the age where they have out grown there range of toddler wooden toys and they are ready to advance and learn and have fun at the same time the new Teamson fantasy fields range which includes dollhouse, and play kitchens which help develop kids imaginations and improve eye to hand coordination at the same time.
These great fun toys let children have lots of fun while learning and are they are also fun educational toys which are stocked by leading nursery's
Teamson have 3 great range ranges in total due to the rapid growth of there product lines these are the
Teamson Kids range, Teamson Classic and the all new Teamson fantasy fields range.

A Brief History

The company was founded in 1997, a time when all the creativity and imagination started to take on an amazing transformation. 

By the year 2000 Teamson started making products for children. As the company grew we started adding all whole new dimension to our imagination.

In 2003, Teamson introduced the first hand painted children’s furniture collection, “ABC Alphabets”.

The following year in 2004 “The Convertible Rocking Potty” was created.  This product was truly an outstanding hit all around the world.  Its uniqueness was unbeatable.  The Rocking Potty transforms into a rocking chair after the potty training was mastered.

Our product got even better, in 2007 we added hand carving detail to our new collections, as this soared across the world with such a high demand, we was enticed to take it even one step further.  We entered the world of pretend play and started to market dollhouses and castles.

As our product became more and more desired, it drove us even more to continue providing what children want.  Our imagination play started to take on attractive real life flair in 2012.  This product was like no others.  We created a range of pretend Play kitchen toys including Faux-Granite counter-tops and the classic range to imitate some real life kitchen across the globe.

Kids love the Teamson Kitchen range the provide so many children's with days of fun and the great quality means they can be passed down to the next generation so they really are toys that children will remember for a life time

All these great children's wooden toys and children's furniture items will be available at